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?How would you like to transform your collection of secret recipes into a best seller
?Do you dream of surprising an amazing cook with a professional edition of their recipes
?Would you love to design a beautiful book of your batter and oil splashed recipe pages
?Would you like to commemorate your loved ones in a distinguished edition

.We know how difficult it is to recapture a scent, a taste, an aroma or a nostalgic moment
.We know those little stories and tips that are born in our favorite kitchens
.These are our daily bread
.Our books conserve the aromas of home cooking as we wish to remember it
In fact they do much more: they enable us to pass on a heritage; that important knowledge which passes from .generation to generation, from kitchen to kitchen, from one family to another

?Would you like to publish a book
We, Ruthi Carmi and Dorit Tokman, love what we do with all our hearts and are proud of the experience, talent and skill we gave gained through years of publishing
Mevashlim Sfarim (Cooking Books) Publications specializes in planning and working with our clients, to design the kind of book that meets their needs, working with the appropriate experts to give that special “twist” to every book
This is how we create with you, a refined, superior product that will not only look good, but will also sell
Our specialty is transforming a binder of collected recipes into a finished book that meets our client’s needs

In addition to the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years as publishers, we bring the added value of being both friends and cooks, who have worked together for many years
This process is dear to our hearts and we put a lot of thought and energy into it, gathering, collecting and sometimes even donning aprons and cooking ourselves, in order to precisely ascertain the correct quantities of the ingredients or the cooking temperature needed to turn the recipe into a memorable one
We do whatever it takes to properly “cook” the book, as one cooks a delicious juicy dish of the finest quality

!We are here for you, and would love to publish your book